Having trouble using the application, or want to report a bug or suggest features, send an email to d.m.groenewegen@tudelft.nl

Computer Science 2017/2018
Electrical Engineering 2017/2018
Computer Engineering 2017/2018
Embedded Systems 2017/2018
Start by signing in with your netid. Select the master program and track, and fill in your personal information on the 'Personal Information' page. Select courses for your personal study program on the 'Course Selection' page. Currently submissions of study programs are for getting used to the application and receiving early feedback from the MSc coordinator, official IEP submissions for 2017/2018 are not open yet.

Aerospace Engineering 2017/2018
Aerospace Engineering students go here: https://mystudyplanning.tudelft.nl/trackselection/ae

Computer Science 2016/2017
The ‘My Study Planning’ application for Computer Science MSc students helps you to plan and design your personal course program.

You can start the application by logging in with your netid. The first step is to update your information on the ‘Personal Information’ page, in particular select either the ST or DST track.

On the ‘Planning’ page you can add courses to your schedule from the list on the left, the courses are grouped per category such as common core and specialisation. Click on a category block to expand it, and click the dots for adding and removing courses. For each added course the education period is shown, arranged per quarter.

The next step is to fill the ‘Track Requirements’, assigning selected courses to required categories in the track. This is done by drag and drop from the middle list to the right. Any inconsistencies such as an invalid common core course, or too few ECTS are shown on the page to help you quickly arrange courses.

If a course you want to follow is not in the list (only CS courses are listed), then you can add it on the ‘Add Additional Courses’ page. The ‘Review and Submit’ page gives an overview of your selected program. You can choose to submit the program to the MSc coordinator for review.
Quick tips
Select 5 common core courses, maximum 7 specialisation courses, and 1 seminar or survey, the rest (e.g. another seminar) goes into free electives.
Special program requirements for Cyber Security, Information Architecture, and Bioinformatics are supported, select the special programs from the dropdown on the personal information page. These requirements are in addition to the track requirements.
Homologation is for special cases such as bridging programs, most MSc students should not use this category.