STEP 1: Drawing up the Individual Exam Programme (IEP)

• Start by signing in with your netid
• Select the master programme and track, and fill in your personal information on the Personal Information page.
• Start selecting your common core courses, specialization courses and free elective courses on the Course Selection page.
• Create an overview of the timing of these courses by using the study guide
• Whenever red warnings appear > something is not correct > please check
• Press ‘Review for submit’ > check the overview
• Press ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the page and select an associate or full professor whom you have already been in contact with while orientating yourself for your thesis
• Press ‘Submit as individual exam programme to MSc Coordinator’

STEP 2: Individual Exam Programme approval

• Your IEP will first be offered to Master Coordinator for approval/rejection

IEP = correct:
• On approval by Master Coordinator the IEP will be offered to (Associate) Professor of research group for approval/rejection
• Finally on approval IEP by professor the IEP will be offered to the Board of Examiners (BoE) for approval/rejection. The Board will evaluate this bimonthly
• You IEP is completed only on final approval by the Board of Examiners. You will receive an e-mail for the BoE after approval

IEP ≠ correct:
• The MSc Coordinator will reject the IEP and will provide feedback what should be changed to be approved
• Adjust your IEP with the feedback and resubmit your IEP to the MSc Coordinator
• Your IEP could also be rejected by the (Associate) Professor, in this case implement the feedback from professor
• After receiving an e-mail from Board of Examiners your IEP will be sent to SPA (Study Programme Administration). SPA will make sure your EC in Osiris are administered correctly

Step 3: Changing your IEP

It is possible to change your IEP after the approval of the Board of Examiners. You can change the IEP, press ‘Submit’, and Step 2 will start all over again.

Step 4: Requesting your Declaration of Credits Obtained (TEP)

Wait for ± 2 weeks for administrative purposes for Requesting your Declaration of Credits Obtained

Before you can start your Master’s Thesis Project you need to have a by the Board of Examiners approved Individual Exam Programme (IEP) and at least 60 credits of the Master’s degree course work as stated in the IEP should be completed.
You can prove this by a form called “the Declaration of Credits Obtained” (Verklaring behaalde studiepunten) (60 EC). You can request this form from the service desk in the EEMCS building 36 (Mekelweg 4).
Before you start, you have to show this form to your thesis advisor.