Procedure 2024-2025
The following in this section does not apply to students who applied for the EWEM track, as this track has its own procedures.

A placement procedure has been introduced per academic year 2023-2024, more information can be found here:

In this system you will register your track preferences, registering your track preferences is possible until May 1, after this date the system will be closed. During the registration period, you can change (the order of) your preferences at any time.

After the registration period closes, there will be a placement test for tracks where the number of prospective students is higher than can be accommodated.

After the placement procedure, track selection is opened again for tracks that haven’t exceeded the number of prospective students. Placement is on a first come, first served basis for these tracks.

Registration deadlines:
Start MSc in September May 1
Start MSc in February December 1

Please select the appropriate link
Track EWEM: EWEM 24/25
Note: when you start your MSc after September 1st, you are not eligible for the EWEM programme.

All other tracks: track preference 24/25
Note: you can select one profile per track and you need to select 5 choices.
Make sure you received the confirmation email; if you haven’t received it, your registration was not submitted.
For students from outside of the TU Delft; make sure to register an alternative email address, as you can’t access your TU Delft account yet.

Please upload a motivation letter as well (a short motivation using keywords and a motivation letter in pdf format).
Please note that you must apply for the master programme via Studielink in order to complete your enrolment.

General information on course selection
At the start of the academic year, the course selection will be available. On the MSc kick-off the track coordinator will explain when and how to select your courses.

Please note that there are different procedures per track regarding your course selection, so make sure to carefully read the information in the info button before submitting.

After you have submitted the ‘Course Selection’, your Track and Profile coordinators will be notified to assess your course selection. Please make a realistic planning by selecting around 15 EC per quarter and prepare yourself by reading the course descriptions in the digital study guide (

Have you started in academic year between 2023-2024 and 2017-2018?
Please select your courses and/or track via the appropriate link (the year you started your MSc).
track and course selection cohort 23/24
track and course selection cohort 22/23
track and course selection cohort 21/22
track and course selection cohort 20/21
track and course selection cohort 19/20
track and course selection cohort 18/19
track and course selection cohort 17/18

Have you started the master programme before academic year 2017-2018?
Students who have started their master programme before September 2017 and would like to submit their course selection can contact their track coordinator.
Previously, a (paper) form was used to select your courses. In case you have already submitted an approved paper master track application form (AE-1) and would like to make a change in your programme, you cannot use this digital study planning but should use the AE4-form.